At Jamie Pridmore Bookkeeping, our job is to take the responsibility of accounting for your business off your plate so you can finally feel like you have time to get it all done plus we work with you so you can see how your business finances can work for you.

**Privacy Policy:**

**Collection of Personal Information:**
Jamie Pridmore Bookkeeping collects personal information, including names and email addresses, through contact forms and newsletter sign-ups on our website.

**Purpose of Collection:**
We collect this information to provide bookkeeping services and send newsletters to our users.

**Use of Cookies and Analytics:**
We use cookies and similar tracking technologies for analytics purposes, including user demographics. This helps us understand how users interact with our website and improve their experience.

**Data Retention:**
We retain user data until the client's project is complete or until the user requests the removal of their data.

**Third-Party Sharing:**
We do not share user data with third parties.

**Terms + Conditions:**

**Services Offered:**
Jamie Pridmore Bookkeeping provides professional bookkeeping services through our website.

**Copyright and Usage:**
All content and materials on the website are copyrighted and may not be used without explicit permission.

**Age Restriction:**
Users must be 18 years or older to access the website and use our services.

**Payment Terms:**
The terms of payment for bookkeeping services will be discussed on an individual basis with each client.

**Refunds and Cancellations:**
Refund and cancellation policies are determined on a client-by-client basis. Please contact us for more information.

**Accuracy and Disclaimer:**
We make every effort to provide accurate information, but we do not guarantee the accuracy of the content. Our bookkeeping services are provided "as is."

**User Responsibilities:**
Users are responsible for providing accurate information and complying with the terms of use.

**Prohibited Activities:**
Users are prohibited from engaging in any unlawful or unauthorized activities on the website.

**Dispute Resolution:**
Any disputes will be resolved via litigation if necessary.

**Changes to Content and Policies:**
All content is subject to change, and we reserve the right to update our policies to reflect these changes.

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