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After studying accounting in college Jamie then spent a decade working for a couple private construction companies doing their daily accounting tasks. This type of work taught her how to be organized and also showed her how unfulfilled she felt. She had a 3 year old and a newborn and felt so disconnected. Jamie prayed for guidance and God provided that. She left her job and became a stay at mom for a year before feeling what she describes as a nudge from God to “go for it” and she did.

Now, she works passionately with businesses that are wanting to grow and wanting to understand their finances. Her clients are building wealth, growing their client roster and their employee roster and they are thriving. Why? Because they understand how their money is being used, where their revenue is coming from, and how to optimize all aspects of their profit for specific business related goals.

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I’m a cradle Catholic (IYKYK) who eloped with my high school sweetheart in a courthouse across the country from our families and then became a mother to two beautiful girls several years later. My husband and I decided to move our small family away from any immediate family and we are thriving. This means date nights are movie nights at home or late NFL football games (Go Pack Go) and we are happy with that. We love sports, the outdoors and our dogs (two huskies that are so opposite). We put faith and family first around here and that’s how we thrive. 

Oh hey, I'm Jamie!

Jamie has helped me so much to get to know my books. Being a full time wife, mom, and photographer taking the time to learn new ways to keep my books and finances in check is hard, but Jamie makes it easy. It takes such a load off knowing I don’t have to worry about it anymore. She is so, so helpful and caters to you to make you get exactly what you need!! 

"Jamie has helped me so much!"

Jamie is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Our experience with her was nothing short of amazing. I was looking into making my side hustle a legitimate business and Jamie walked my wife and I through the steps needed to set up taxes, keep our records correctly, and what government filings would be needed to establish legitimacy. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for someone to help you keep your records and finance straight.

"Jamie is extremely knowledgeable and helpful."

Jamie is literally one of the kindest and most knowledgeable humans I've ever met. My books have overwhelmed me since I started my business but now I know I have someone in my corner who can help me!

"now I know I have someone in my corner

Jamie has proved to be a wealth of knowledge and has provided valuable support from day 1. She’s resourceful and provided me with affordable services! I will forever recommend you! You are the best!

"I will forever recommend you!"

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fun fact one:

I'm an athlete. If I'm not at home working or hiking with my family, I am at the gym lifting heavy.

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fun fact one:

I am an aspiring homesteader! Currently I make my own bread (sourdough), make most of my own foods (think condiments, sauces, jams, etc.), and support my local farms by purchasing herbs, produce, meats and raw milk from them.

We have plans to buy land, purchase livestock and have a massive garden too (in a few years)!

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fun fact one:

I am a HUGE football fan:

NFL - Green Bay Packers: Go Pack Go!
NCAA - University of Alabama: Roll Tide!

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